School Feeding Project

This project started 12 years ago. We have provided more than 46 jikos to 26 schools, mostly primary who have feeding programs. These are 300 litres jiko that cook meals efficiently for 3000 kids in shortest time. The project is cost sharing , the schools contribute 50% and Rotary Club of Nairobi contributes 50%.

  • Two Jikos were recently handed over to Milimani Secondary School at a total cost of Khs 250,000, cost-shared 50/50%.
  • Facts-Feeding program at Milimani School for 430 students for 20 days per month @ Kshs 20 per student per day. They buy their own food at normal prices.
  • Each 50 Litre Jiko prepares meals for 300-500 students a day on just 2 pieces of wood
  • 300 litre Jiko can prepare meal for upto 3000 students using 7-8 pieces of wood.
  • The JIKO will provide a saving of 10,000-15,000 a month and is eco friendlier.
  • Life of Jiko – upto 10 years.
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