Rotary Club of Nairobi distributes bed kits to school children in Mathare slums

On Thursday 2nd March, 2017 the Rotary Club of Nairobi in conjunction with Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) Canada, made a distribution of bed kits to orphans and vulnerable children in schools in Mathare.

The Headmaster of Patmos School is a member of the Rotary Community Corps Mathare  and 10 children from  the school were selected to receive a bed kit. Each kit consisted of a small mattress, a school bag and a blanket.

Most children who are living in Mathare do not have the luxury of a bed and they would often just sleep on the bare mud floors of their corrugated shacks.  So these mattresses will make a huge difference to the lives of these 10 children.

The Rotarians also supplied each child with 3 exercise books and a games kit comprising a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Patmos School is extremely grateful to the Rotary Clubs of Nairobi and Canada  for  providing these much needed kits.

Read more about Patmos School in their newsletter:

thumbnail of PATMOS NEWSLETTER Nov 2016

Meanwhile, we have received this email from Carol Halbert, Orphan Outreach coordinator:

Dear Rotarians,

Further to my below email when I updated you all on developments at Patmos School, Mathare with the Newsletter.  I am now writing to thank the Rotary Club of Nairobi for allocating 10 Bed Kits to orphans and vulnerable children at Patmos School yesterday.

For those children fortunate enough to be allocated with one of these kits, it will make a huge difference to their lives.  As you will be aware for the majority of children living in Mathare they will go to bed each night in their corrugated shacks and will sleep on the bare ground.

We are, therefore, extremely grateful to your Rotary Club for providing these kits so that these 10 children now have a mattress and a blanket to sleep on at night.

I have written a short article about the distribution of these Bed Kits which I have put onto the Patmos School website on the NewsLog.  The Headmaster took a few photos of the event yesterday which I have also included in the article (photos attached here).  If you click on the below link you will be able to see it.  I have also made mention in the article of the Jiko stove which your club kindly  jointly funded with Orphan Outreach USA in June 2016.


 I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at The Rotary Club of Nairobi for all the help and support you have given this poor school in Mathare.  I very much hope that we can continue to work together with the aim of improving the lives of these vulnerable orphans and children.

 I shall of course keep you updated with developments at Patmos School.

 Kind regards,


Carol Halbert



Rotary Club of Nairobi and Orphan Outreach fund Jiko stove for school in Mathare slum

On 3rd February, 2016 the Rotary Club of Nairobi together with Orphan Outreach jointly funded the cost of an energy efficient Jiko stove for Patmos School.

Every day in difficult circumstances and with limited equipment,  Nancy  Khasiala the school cook assisted by a community volunteer, provides a breakfast of porridge as well as a daily meal of maize and beans for the 100 children at Patmos Junior School.  The breakfast of porridge is funded by Orphan Outreach and the School Maize and Bean Farm  provides about half of the food for the School Feeding Programme.

The provision of this Jiko stove will now make it so much easier for Nancy to provide these meals for the children.  It will also help to dramatically reduce the fuel costs for the school and will create a healthier work environment for Nancy and her community volunteer helpers.

Read the full story and see more pictures here»



thumbnail of DG Magazine February 2017Dear Beloved Rotarian,

I hope this finds you in perfect space!

Kindly find attached February 2017 DG e-Magazine.

Months are flying and as usual we are on the move Serving Humanity through Rotary.

The Rotary leadership and I are enjoying every bit of service and more importantly making every day a Rotary day!

My team and I are doing everything possible to highlight our progress in the DG e-magazine every month. Kindly let us know what your clubs/ departments are up-to by 15th of every month to enable us make timely highlights.

Kindly share this informative e-magazine in all your spheres of influence and let us spread the word of Rotary achievements.

As always I value your support!

Happy to be your 2016/17 DG,

Richard Omwela





Kalonzo Musyoka and the Rotary Club of Nairobi

By PP Mike Eldon

In 1978, our Rotary Club partnered with International Computers Ltd, the British computer multinational whose General Manager for Kenya I was at the time, and also with the Nation as the media partner, to launch a National Business Management Game. It was very popular, with many teams participating, and each contributing a subscription fee. The Nation provided space for publicising the contest, and also for weekly reports on the succeeding weekly rounds, all the way to the exciting final.

From Kalonzo Musyoka’s memoirs “Against All Odds”, published in 1978.

The Chairman of our Club that year was Phil Grammenopoulos, the founder of Westlands Motors – the first to be appointed to import Japanese cars, Datsuns. He also became the first Honorary Consul for Cyprus, and through that connection obtained a scholarship to the Cyprus-based Mediterranean Institute of Management, for its one-year post-graduate programme. So while the tuition fees were covered, it was the subscriptions from the participants in the Business Game that funded the other associated costs.

Phil and I were the judges who selected the recipient of the scholarship, and we chose “Young Steve” as we called him then. On his return Kalonzo joined our club as a member, and was recruited by Kaplan & Stratton, whose Senior Partner Stewart Thompson was our member and Past President (in 1973-4).  As Kalonzo describes in his book, he was later head-hunted by Manu Chandaria, to become a legal manager in his Comcraft company.

From Kalonzo Musyoka’s memoirs “Against All Odds”, published in 1978.

A few years later “Young Steve” joined politics as an MP, and it became too hard for him to keep up his attendance (we were much stricter then!) so he resigned. But he has always kept a warm place in his heart for Rotary, from time to time gracing our big functions, and he always speaks glowingly about the strong formative influence we have had on his life.

Rotary Club Napoli (Italy): A Neapolitan Hug

Dear President, dear Secretary,

The Rotary Club Napoli (District 2100 Italy), is building an inquiring to find around the world all Rotarians members of Neapolitan origin.

The aim of the project called “A Neapolitan Hug” is to re-establish emotional contact with the Neapolitan context represented by our Rotary Club.

All members of the Neapolitan origin will be invited to virtual meetings through a Social Community and to a global event to be held in Naples probably next year in the summer.

Please, let me ask you to forward this e-mail to all members of your club. Only rotarians that have Neapolitan origins can click here to reach our website and fill in the related form.

On our website you can retrieve all the information about this project .

Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Yours sincerely.

Antonio Ascione,
Project manager



Attached please find  the proposed SCAW 2017 Distribution sites. I write proposed because they have to meet the approval of the SCAW Canada Guidelines  sent to you last year.

The distribution schedule indicates the date, day and the number of bed kits that will be distributed at the respective sites. It also indicates the Rotarian for the site and on the day of the distribution.

To appreciate the extent of your responsibility as the site coordinator and more about SCAW, Kindly avail yourself fo a meeting not exceeding 15 minutes after Thursday’s fellowship.


Gideon Akwabi

Date Day of the week Activity Location Rotarian In charge
24.02.2017 Friday SCAW Canada team departs from Canada Canada De Young





Team arrives in Nairobi




Rtn. Gideon






SCAW 2016 Report/ SCAW 2017 Briefing




Entire SCAW 2017 Team


27.02. 2017




Distribute 1,000 Bed Kits in Mombasa




Rtn Suli Shah






Visit Homes in Makindu




Rtn. Darsi Lotay






Depart Makindu for an afternoon distribution in Nairobi – 600 Bed Kits


Riruta Satellite


Rtn. David Githanga






Distribute 600 bed kits




Rtn. Salim






Distribute 600 bed kits




RCC Mathare/  Mathare Valley






Factory Visits




Rtn. Gideon






SCAW team visit either the Nairobi National Park or Naivasha




De Young/ Gideon/ Charles






600 Bed kits




Rtn. Mari Nelson






600 Bed kits


Ongata Rongai


Gideon & RC Ongata Rongai


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The following changes to the Bylaws of Rotary International, effective 1 July 2016, apply to all Rotarians:

Becoming a Rotarian

Clubs may determine their own rules for transferring members, dual membership, and honorary members. They’re also free to continue following the traditional provisions for these members. The only mandatory qualifications for membership are that Rotarians must be adults who have demonstrated good character, integrity and leadership; have a good reputation in their business, profession and community; and be willing to serve in their community and around the world.

Potential members who owe money to a Rotary club aren’t eligible for membership. Clubs must confirm that transferring or former Rotarians seeking membership don’t have any outstanding debt to their previous club. (For complete details, see the RI Bylaws, section 4.030.)

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Council on Legislation representatives voted overwhelmingly to eliminate limitations on how Rotary clubs conduct their meetings, and recognized the fact that a club’s health is not determined by attendance alone. With the RI Board’s endorsement of the Council’s changes, clubs now can:

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Flexibility in membership types

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Rule of 85

Rotarians can be excused from attendance if two conditions are met: They have been a member of one or more Rotary clubs for at least 20 years, and their years of club membership plus their age equals at least 85.

E-clubs and Rotary clubs

Given the new flexibility granted to all Rotary clubs, Rotary is no longer making a distinction between e-clubs and traditional clubs. References to e-clubs have been removed from the RI Bylaws and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution, but clubs may continue to designate themselves as e-clubs to emphasize that they meet exclusively or primarily online.

Dual membership for Rotaractors

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Clubs may now suspend a member for a maximum of 90 days. At the end of that time, they must terminate or reinstate the member. A suspended member has the right to appeal the suspension or request mediation or arbitration.

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SCAW 2015 – A review

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